Choosing a Wedding Officiant.

There are several  kinds of wedding officiants.

A- Solemniser - which can be a registrar that works for the HSE,
A -humanist- must belong to the humanist organisation , 
A -spiritualist who again needs to belong to the Spiritualist organisation or an 
An  Independent Celebrant | who is totally independent. 
For all couples no matter where they are getting married in Ireland | must make an appointment with the registrar at their local HSE registrations office at least 3 months before the wedding date and | declare their intent to marry. There is a charge of €200 for this. 
The paperwork for their legal signing will then be ordered. For the next phase, there are a few of options. If they are being married by a solemniser then they will sign the legal register on the day of the wedding. This can only be done at registered wedding venues. 
If a couple choose to use an independent celebrant like myself they can either make a second appointment to complete the legal at the registry or book a registrar to come to the venue on the day and the legal can be done right before or after the ceremony ( in a different room) 
Your independent celebrant  can perform your wedding ceremony. anywhere and anytime any date you like either before or after the second appointment with the registrar. if you choose to have a registrar come to the venue for the legal you can only do that if it is a licensed venue- in other words if you chose a beach, a ,mountain top, a forest or you own back garden you will need to take care of the legal at the registry. Most couples go with this option and usually take care of it a few days or a week or so before the wedding ceremony. 
if you are coming from overseas it is always easier and less expensive to take care of the legal in your country of residence.
I include a signing and witnessing of a wedding cert in the ceremony. So there are lots of choices so you choose the option that suits you.

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